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DAVID HAND PRODUCTIONS is a diversified production company, specializing in entertainment technical facilities, equipment consultation and design.

The company provides extensive services to its clients. With principals of unusual background and vast experience, the company has put together a talented and impressive professional Core Team. The background of our professionals is like a "Who's Who" of the Entertainment Industry. Resumes are blazoned with the names of companies such as, "Warner's," "Marvel," "Disney," "Universal" and many others. 

An animated film production company which owns 19 classic animated films and is beginning production of new films based upon the original characters created by GB Animation, a film company owned in joint venture between David D. Hand and J. Arthur Rank.

The company forte is collecting the talent needed to conceive, design, produce, manage, develop, construct and operate the products shown on this site.

Please communicate with David Hand Productions by email  david@dhprod.com 
for the full presentation of the projects in which DHP is involved.   


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