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are Nineteen (19) Animated films created and

produced in the late 1940’s by GB Animation,
a Joint Venture with J. Arthur Rank, in Great Britain.

DAVID HAND PRODUCTIONS was formed to produce a series of new films for Television and Home Video. The company is ready to begin character and story development as soon as funding is in place. Through our Distribution associate, we are prepared to enter the films into worldwide Distribution once the films are completed.

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David Dodd Hand , the creator, was one of the greatest of the "Classic" animators and film pioneers of the century. He was Supervising Director of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Bambi", "Victory through Airpower" and about 80 others while at Disney.

As Production Supervisor of the Disney Studio, David was responsible for directing and/or supervising many films for which the Disney Studios received Academy Awards. David was honored by the Queen of England, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mum) in 1949 for the work he did at his Studio, GBA, to help with the British, after war economy. In 1984, he was awarded the Winsor McCay ANNIE.  In 1994, The Walt Disney Company bestowed their highest award on him by proclaiming him to be a "Legend of Disney".

David Hale Hand now owns David Hand Productions, the company originated by his father. The companies thrust is manifold as denoted by the Homepage of this presentation. The Distribution of the original GB Animation films and the production of modern, new films in their likeness is very high in priority.

DHP is pleased to sell the Memoirs of David D. Hand upon request ($24.00, postage included)                                                                            



ANIMALAND consists of nine (9) animal stories, which might be compared to the characterizations and style of "Bambi". This series has been restored digitally, and is in fact in domestic and international distribution at this time.


consists of ten (10) films. These are much more of a specialized series and are artistic animation. Many consist of folk stories of the British Isles. They are enjoyed by all ages and may in reality, service the largest of the markets. They too, are true "classics.

THE MUSICAL PAINTBOX has not been restored and the negatives are still housed in the National Film Archives in England. The negatives are on nitrate, three-color separation stock. Technicolor, who did the original processing in 1949-1950, is about to process these negatives in the near future.

Between the two series, there is a total of 154 minutes (2 hours and 34 minutes) of film.

FILM DISTRIBUTION MARKETS : Theatre, Video and Television Worldwide.

The films have been licensed in 21 countries for Television and Home Video. At present they are Licensed by Image Entertainment for Home Video, and Digital Distribution; Turner Classics for Television and The Disney Channel, Italy.  Discussions are currently taking place with a number of other networks and video companies.

Interested buyers can contact David Hand Productions at:

s negotiating with licensees in the Novelty and Toy markets. $17.22 billion in U.S. revenues are generated yearly in the sale of entertainment merchandise.

The number of rapidly multiplying Cable channels in the United States and World markets, along with the need to sustain twenty-four-hour programming has created an almost insatiable demand for all types of film and video products, especially Animation.

Animation Production & Distribution for television is growing at upwards of 500-900% per year.  US Animated Feature Film grosses have exceeded $2 billion over the past ten years. The best information that has been passed on to us indicate that for the US Market, one might estimate that if there are about 15 syndicators who each provide 4 hours of Animation per day, 7 days a week. That is 420 hrs of animation per week x 365 = 153,300 hrs per year. If 3/4 of that is re-runs, there is a need for at least 38,000 hrs of new Animation each year. This does not include TNNís Cartoon Network, nor does it include the International Market or Video. It would take over 3,000 Animation Studios, each turning out one - 22.5 minute films per month to fill this need. One more point - the need is growing each year.


In order to put a value on the original films, several questions might be asked. How do you put a value on films made in 1944 - 1950?  How do you put a value on the background and creativity of a person like David Hand? How do you put a value on National Historical Documents?

Based upon estimates for replacement of the films, they are valued at approximately US $36,125,000.

Copyright and registration:

The ANIMALAND and MUSICAL PAINTBOX films and all of their characters are copyrighted under International Convention and US Copyright Laws.


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