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DAVID HAND PRODUCTIONS (DHP) offers full worldwide services and systems for entertainment, leisure and their production. DHP is dedicated to excellence in design and execution. This resolve is reflected in every aspect of work.

DHP’s quality approach is based upon many years of interface with designers and manufacturers of high reputation, professionalism and longevity which insures the best equipment and service free installations possible in the scope
of the project. This philosophy helps ensure that our clients will only receive the "best of the best"

DHP keeps up to date with new and effective, leading edge industry technologies. Complicated, custom engineering is not always the best approach to projects. We look for stable, tried procedures and equipment that produce reliability and long life span under hard and cyclical use. We look inside other industries to find products which can be an asset to our projects. This approach is consistent with our dedication to provide quality, reliability, safety and economy to the client.

Design performance for entertainment complexes epitomizes the adage that "form follows function". The DHP consulting process recognizes the need for harmony between the performer and his environment to facilitate enjoyable communication to an audience. It is this ensemble of art, beauty, and motion that breathes life into the facility and the community it serves.

Tight design and specification gives best information to the contractor.  Our documents are ready for bid in CSI format.

Design drawings are normally computer generated. This helps to control costs and provides good quality of professional interface. We realize that each manufacturer has their own well engineered, proven process and this must be considered in the final selection of the product. We look for value, competence and longevity at the best price. DHP has relationships with a great number of manufacturing companies, worldwide.

During installation DHP provides "hands-on" site work and Inspections, giving direct Contractor assistance. Our experience allows us to expedite process and to anticipate problems.

Performances occur in our society in a wide variety of facilities; theatres, theme parks, destination resorts, sporting arenas, hotels, churches, schools and even corporate boardrooms. All of these share common design needs for the space to enhance the production. Only with practical environment can the performer’s communication to his audience become artistic, entertaining and convincing. Any building requires the experience of an architect to assure an aesthetically pleasing facility. It is the responsibility of a specialist, a designer with knowledge of production space usage, an Entertainment Consultant, to provide an understanding of the unique nature of the performance area.

In fulfilling this function, we initiate a strong liaison with the architect, the owner, and the user in the pre-planning stage of the facility, beginning with a study of its purpose and anticipated uses. We continue as an active, effective member of the planning team by analyzing spaces and the equipment needed to make the space work effectively. Our input is invaluable in designing and equipping the performance and support areas, including dressing room, workshops, lobbies, control rooms and administration centers. Throughout the construction and completion phase, the consultant assures the realization of the planning team concepts. Teaching the user how to best realize the potential of the facility is the vital final function the consultant serves. This relationship of Entertainment Consultant, architect and user results in a facility successfully enhancing the intended usage while bringing about the most efficient use of the budget allocated to the project.

BACKGROUND OF PRINCIPALS: Also see About DHP sub-directory

The professionals at DHP consist of a design team with knowledge and judgment in matters of facility use, equipment and operational technique. This ability is a result of decades of active participation and background in design, production and construction service in entertainment production.

Show Set Designers
Lighting Design
Audio & Projection
Show Producing & Directing
Technical Direction
Stage Management
Theatre Consultation and Facility Design Support
Equipment Design and Manufacturing
Theme Park technical equipment design
Overhead safety
Architect, Engineer and Contractor interface.
Experience with a broad base from which to offer service.
Stage Equipment company Management

.....Experience with a broad base from which to offer service.


Keelung Cultural Center, Taiwan
Neu Chi Wan Cultural Center, Hong Kong
Walter Paepcke Memorial Theatre, Aspen, Colorado
Armstrong Hall Theatre, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Houston Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, Colorado
Vance Brand Auditorium, Longmont, Colorado
Taichung City Social Educational Center, Taiwan
Teatro Degoliado Guadalajara, Mexico
Sangre De Cristo Fine Arts and Conference Center, Pueblo, Colorado



Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada

Theatrical Systems Design, the list includes over 70 projects worldwide.
Co-authored the Walt Disney Imagineering "Rigging & Overhead Hanging Standards".

The principals have a collective international background in the Entertainment Industry of over 40 years.

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